• Created on:2022-01-06 01:01:44
  • Must Read Before Buying Remote DDoS Mitigation


As the Remote DDoS Mitigation (Which is used to protect a network/website which is hosted outside of our network) is delivered via Reverse Proxy. This means that all traffic coming to your website will reach our servers first > Get scrubbed and then it will get sent to your backend server with a 5% of maximum possible false positives rate. This 5% false positives can occur while your website is under Mitigation

What do you need to make sure of before buying?

you need to make sure if you can add Our proxy IP's to the whitelist of your hosting server. When your visitors connect multiple times to your website which is proxied through our network, then our servers send requests to your backend, and if your server has a firewall (or any security such as bit ninja, imunify), then that can result in getting our IPs blacklisted and your visitors will see 50X Errors.

Why can the backend server block eflames IP's if they are not whitelisted?

Well, the answer is very simple, for example. eflame has 10 IP addresses that are used to communicate to your backend server, and your website is having incoming traffic of 10,000 Visitors per second and if we load balance those 10,000 visitors using our 10 IP addresses that make 10,000 requests per second to your backend server from 10 Ip addresses. this can result in your server thinking its a DDoS attack from 10 IP's which are sending 10,000 requests per second

I am talking about real visitors, DDOS will be blocked as soon as it reaches our network.

What do we recommend?

(Hosting on third party platforms is not recommended but if you wish to do that, you need to be aware our proxy IP's need to be whitelisted on your backend server-side firewall or it might block us to communicate with it) Regards - Tauseef