• Created on:2021-08-22 17:40:47
  • My eFlame Server/Service Is Under DDoS Attacks Windows/Linux.

If your eFlame server/service is under DDoS and is being affected by the attack:

We are extremely sorry that our DDoS Mitigation didn’t perform well in your case (Which is very rare)

Let’s Block the attack and make our services even stronger! Step 1

: Analyzing the attack

If your server is currently under DDoS attacks please do a packet capture with this tutorial and send it back to us via Ticket/Email/WhatsApp or Telegram.


install tcpdump use yum or apt example : yum install tcpdump (Centos) or apt install tcpdump (Ubuntu)

After installing, Hit this Command:

tcpdump -nn -vvv -c 10000 -w ddos-$(date +%F_%T).pcap


Download the following file and it will capture the packets


Wait for a few minutes it will say DONE

The attack has been captured, Please Send us the output file, this way we will be able to analyze the attack and adjust the mitigation filters according to the attack pattern!